Smiles says THANKS!
Smiles says THANKS!

100% of all donations goes to the rescue, rehab and adoption of greyhounds. If you’d like to make a donation to the Gang, please do.  Any thoughtfulness is very appreciated!

The Greyhound Gang is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501c3 organization. (EIN #87-0527948). We’ve always believed we have a responsibility to show our caring and generous donors where money donated to Greyhound Gang goes. It’s why we have provided these details on our web site since the beginning.

Without funds to help the greyhounds, we can’t save as many. Because of YOUR generosity we continue to save as many lives as we can. You can read stories about some of the lives saved at our Dog Stories. Smiles, Tiger, Buster, Kenya, Marmalade, Blue are just a few of the hundreds of hounds who found forever homes because of your generosity.


From 1995 – 2002, my personal money funded Greyhound Gang. I was doing all the front line rescue work. Driving seven hours, one way, to get Tucson hounds no longer wanted by the racing industry. Once I had them in my home, I’d then drive two to four hours to vets to get all the needed medical work done. Then once all medical and socialization needs were met, I drove four hours to Las Vegas, to find hounds  homes. I do love to drive, and luckily so do most of the hounds, but the distances limited the number of greyhounds I could directly find homes for. You can read about CAR (and CAR2), and how steadfast they were on all these trips. You can also read about my journey cross-country to Kanab and my first years of rescue work at The Life You Save: The Journey to Greyhound Gang [PDF].

In 1999, Greyhound Gang hosted the first annual Greyhound Gathering – Kanab. I couldn’t afford to go to Dewey Beach, so I decided, “have it and they will come.” They did come. 125 humans, and 150 hounds. We even raised some money. From that Gathering, Mik Wilkens offered to redo our web site. Her web site design was instrumental in helping Greyhound Gang find homes for more hounds.

In 2000, I was working part-time for ANF, Inc. They put together natural supplements for places like Trader Joes. Larry, the owner, gave me some gluocsamine pills for the greyhounds I had rescued. The change was incredible. He initially fronted me the money for my first kilos of white powder and Get Up & Go was born. Get Up & Go not only helped more greyhounds feel better, but in the first few years all the proceeds helped rescue more hounds. We even helped other groups with those proceeds.

In 2001, all the wonderful donations through Greyhound Gang’s web site, combined with Get Up & Go sales, allowed Greyhound Gang to offer the Greyter Good Grant program. Adoption groups applied for grants to help with their bills. Gang dispensed over $10,000 to groups.

In 2002, at the advice of lawyers and accountants, Get Up & Go had to move out from under the non-profit. Proceeds still continue to support Greyhound Gang, now we just have to pay taxes. Greyhound Gang created and funded the Leg Up Fund to help Greyhound Adoptions of Florida rescue and care for forty broken-legged hounds whose lives would have been forfeit. Gang dispensed over $25,000 in that successful effort.

From 2002 – on, we evolved from a front-line rescue organization to a fundraising and educational one. Greyhound Gang web site offers Products,  In Remembrance and more to raise funds. We also have hosted Greyhound Gathering – Kanab since 1999, with a few years off to maintain a grip on our sanity.

Our main support has been to Almost Home for Hounds.  We helped AHH purchase land and build their facility which houses over 50 hounds at any one time. From 2004 – to 2012, with AHH up and running, we’ve paid upwards of $5000 a month ($60K yearly) in bills for food, supplies and medical care needed. Dr. Weir donates all her time to vet, care and transport all the dogs there. Gang ran out of funds in 2013, but in 2014, with the revival of Greyhound Gathering – Kanab we were able to donate  over $15K to AHH. In 2015, three groups split $24K from Greyhound Gathering – Kanab fundraising – AHH, GALT and GAF. In 2016, we split $31,750 to 14 groups in the US and Europe. Over the years, Greyhound Gang, Get Up & Go and generous donors have donated  well over half a million dollars to greyhounds in need.  Our 990 tax forms are available on request at any time.