Ok, I’m having one of those really East Coast days. That’s where I say what I’m thinking. Here it comes. If your greyhound is overweight, it is YOUR FAULT. And an overweight hound is going to have more medical issues, which means more doctor bills, and a shorter life span. Just like with people.

Your dog can’t open the fridge, or make food for him or herself when hungry. Food does not equal love. I know this because I come from an Italian family where food and love were very intertwined. If your hound is sporting a few extra pounds, try these ideas:

– measure that kibble with a measuring cup. Usually 2 – 3 cups a day is plenty. Younger, more active hounds might need 4 – 5 cups, but that means ACTIVE
– when you give a treat, make it SMALL. Break it into smaller pieces. A treat is a treat, whether it is as big as your hand, or as big as your pinky nail
– if you are giving treats, count that as part of the total food you feed daily

This is a demo I do at my food talk. Make a fist. Look at your the knuckles on your hand. See how a little of the knuckles protrude. This is how your hound should look. With a few ribs on the side showing, and the two hips bones evident. If your hound is as smooth as the back of your hand, he or she is too heavy. If they look like the joints of your fingers when folded, they are too skinny. Usually a couple of pounds over racing weight is a good pet weight.

Take responsibility for what you feed your hounds. Read about nutrition and what foods are good!