Planned Giving

Planning to Give is always a greyt thing. You just never know what lies ahead.

To insure your dog has a life after you are gone – PLAN AHEAD! Contact your adoption agency, and work with them while you can. Our experience has been that family members and friends, while they say they will watch your dogs when you are gone, are not really prepared to. Designate that your greyhounds be placed with experienced greyhound people who will have your dogs and your desires utmost in their minds.

You must state in your will who you would like to watch your greyhounds. Attorneys do not always see the importance of providing special treatment for special animals. Your will is your plan. Insist that the greyhounds, who have been important to you during your life, are to be provided for at your death. For Example:

I give my dog, Fido, together with his bed, couch, toys, sweaters and equipment to Greyhound Gang, a charitable corporation, EIN 87-0527948, with a mailing address of PO Box 274, Kanab, UT 84741. I also leave to Greyhound Gang the sum of $10,000 and request the amount be used as necessary for Fido’s health care and maintenance. Any additional amount should be used for general purposes of Greyhound Gang.


  • You cannot leave money outright to your dog.
  • Most states will not allow you to leave money in trust for your dog.
  • Most states will not honor a conditional gift where you have stated someone will care for your dog.

Here are a few other ways you can give.


You can create a statement in your will to a greyhound organization of your choice, which leaves:

  • Dollar amount
  • Property
  • Percentage of assets

Some suggestions follow for clauses in your will. Lawyers or a Will Kit can help make sure all is legal.

I give – $xxxxxx or % assets or specific property – to Greyhound Gang, 87-0527948, a charitable corporation, with a mailing address of PO Box 274, Kanab, UT 84741. (If you want to put certain restrictions on this gift’s disposition, you’d include that too.)

All the rest, remainder, and residue of my property, I give, devise and bequeath to the Greyhound Gang, a charitable corporation, with a mailing address of PO Box 274, Kanab, UT 84741.

Laws governing wills and bequests vary from state to state, so do consult with your attorney or lawyer.

Beneficiary to Life Insurance or Retirement Policies

Funds and policies have beneficiaries. You can name the Greyhound Gang or any 501c3 as a beneficiary on any fund that has beneficiaries. Make sure your agent or broker has the details needed to follow through. By naming a group your beneficiary and even in some states, the owner of a policy, you’re leaving a legacy of life.

Stock Donations

You can donate stock to a 501c3 charity. If you’d like to donate to Greyhound Gang, email Claudia, and she’ll give you the necessary details.


A trust is an option for many people. An attorney or financial advisor is best able to help you determine whether a trust is a good option for bequeathing funds to a designated greyhound organization.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable gift annuities are another option for gifting. Your attorney or financial advisor can advise you.

Best Friends has very specific information to help you with planned giving, as do other sites.  Best Friends Legacy Info