I had my greyhound AH-HA moment in 1987 when I saw my first one at an obedience class in Vermont. You can read more about that meeting here. I’ve not stopped learning about greyhounds since that moment. All the information, noted in the blocks to the right,  will help you help your hounds, live long and loved lives. If you have any question, at any time – just email me.

Greyhounds, as a breed, are healthy. As more greyhounds get adopted, greyhound lovers, and their vets, continue to learn about them. Those of us loving greyhounds, learn and share information with each other and our vets. I’ve learned to get information from other greyhound lovers, (Greyhound List is one place. Greytalk is another) and from the internet, and present that information to my vets. Yes, I have more than one vet. I have two – three holistic vets and traditional vets. Between them all we’ve solved most of my greyhound’s issues. In my opinion, the more opinions you have, the more chance you have of finding the right answer. Do not hesitate to question, to ask others and to be your greyhound’s advocate.

If you’re a new greyhound lover, don’t let the list on the right daunt you. Certainly, most greyhounds don’t have these issues. However, many vets are not that familiar with greyhounds, so this information is here, just in case. We also offer a booklet of Dr. Stack’s most excellent articles – Dr. Stack the Deck for Greyt Health to bring to your vet. It’s only $4. And also available as a Kindle ebook.