Find an Adoption Group

This list directs you to local adoption groups’ web sites. These groups started because someone adopted a greyhound – or two – or more – and decided to help the thousands of other unwanted greyhounds find loving homes.

There are over 300 volunteer Greyhound adoption groups in the United States. They bring in greyhounds, complete all the medical work, profile and socialize the hounds, find adopters, fundraise to pay the bills and hope they will find the right home for the right hound. They do this on their own time, with their own money, and with very big hearts.

We hope you are one of those loving homes.

Don’t forget to read the Greyhound Guide. It’s quick and fun reading, and will answer many questions. When you contact one of these adoption groups, they will be very impressed. And positive first impressions are always a good thing. Greyhound Guide is offered:

All proceeds help hounds.

To find a local group, please select your state here. Another, more comprehensive list of greyhound adoption groups, in the US and around the world, is at Greyhound Project