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In 1995, over 50,000 racing greyhounds were born every year. Now it’s about 20,000 a year because tracks have been forced to close.

While the number of greyhounds who are discarded by the racing industry is not known, estimates, depending on who you speak with range from 5,000 – 20,000 a year. The bottom line is that thousands of greyhounds need loving homes yearly. You can help them find those homes in many ways.

Take your greyhound everywhere

The more people who meet a greyhound, the more chance a greyhound might be their choice when they want a dog. Take your hound when you pick up your child from an activity. Take your hound to ball games. Take your dog when you’re doing your errands. Walk the dog around your community daily. Always carry business cards. Greyhound Gang is happy to provide free ones for your use, just email Claudia. We also offer business card holders, which we’ll stock with cards, and you can leave in your car.


There are over 300 greyhound volunteer adoption groups around the country. Find one close to you, and offer your help. Let them know what you like to do, and they’ll find a use for you.

– Are you a good shopper – then you can help find items which groups can raffle or auction off.

– Are you a computer savvy person? Then designing business cards, or brochures would be helpful.

– Do you like to write? Then creating the newsletter, or helping with the web site would invaluable.

– Do you like having dogs in your home? Then fostering hounds as they come into the group is so very needed.

– Do you have contacts with newspapers, radio, TV? Publicity is needed if greyhounds are to find homes. Use your contacts, and get media attention.

– Are you a people person, and like meeting new people, and talking about the hounds. Then helping with Meet & Greets would be right up your alley.

The sky is the limit for helping. A little bit of time, or a lot – it’s all helpful. And greyhound lives will be helped.

Carry Business Cards

Greyhound Gang offers free cards for you to carry at all times. Just email Claudia. We also offer, for sale, a gorgeous leather business card holder to keep those cards close at hand, in the car, at work, wherever you might find interested people. Our site has a free Greyhound Guide for prospective adopters, plus a list of adoption groups around the country.

Find greyhound items and donate them

Groups always need items to auction and raffle to raise funds. If you are shopping, and see a greyhound item – a picture, a statue, a book, some cards – buy it and donate it to a group. That item will raise much needed funds to help hounds. Think about re-gifting items you’ve bought or received to adoption groups. All those items will find another home, and help hounds in the process.

Greyhound Gang is always in need of items for our auctions. If you don’t have someone local to donate items to, think of us. We’d be most appreciative. Just send to Greyhound Gang, PO Box 274, Kanab, UT 84741.