First Aid Kit

Gfirstaidlargereyhound Gang offers a First Aid Basics booklet for a nominal fee. It lists what should be in your home kit, and how to deal with basic first aid for your dogs.

Allergic reactions, Bandaging – Ears, Tails, Feet, Legs, Bleeding, Bloat, Burn, Fractures, Heat, Poison, Restraint and Transport, Seizures, Shock, Snakebite.


A First Aid Kit:

Gang’s First Aid Booklet

Cotton Balls, Betadine solution, Gauze – sponges & roll, Vet Wrap, Cast padding, white porous tape, Q-tips, wash cloths, paper towels, steri-strips

Bandage scissors, latex gloves, syringes, tweezers, small plastic container, hemostats, tongue depressors, thermometer, toenail clippers, muzzle, plastic bags, hair clippers

Triple antibiotic ointment, ky jelly, styptic powder or silver nitrate sticks, arnica, apis, rescue remedy