Greyhound Gathering – Kanab knows shopping is always fun.  These artisans have helped greyhounds and Greyhound Gang, and have come to the Gathering throughout the years. Please stop by, say hello and drool over their offerings.  We offer booths to all greyhound adoption groups – where 100% helps hounds – who would like one. Contact Claudia at


This is the ONLY place to get Greyhound Gathering merchandise – T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Decals, Mouse Pads, Tattoos. Limited Gathering items available, so stop by early to get the size and style you want.  Pre-ordered items & name tags will be picked up at Thursday’s reception and Friday’s Hike.  After that, get them at Gang booth. If you didn’t get a Greyt Read at your hotel, get one here.  Any pre-order mistake, (and it would be my mistake) will be corrected right here.

Don’t forget GET UP & GO supplements: 100% pure Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C, MSM, CMO, Enzymes, Yucca, Arnica, Coconut Oil, Salmon Oil, Aromatherapy, Azmira homeopathic and more.  These supplements help your greyhounds.  If your dog is stressed, and needs calming, come sample our Calming Mister—it just might help. Highest quality products and least expensive. Plus proceeds help hounds.

Woof Woof Grab Bag – Donation tickets at the booth.  Only $1 each, and you have a chance at over 150 items, worth $5 – $200. If you don’t need what you’ve won, bring to Gang booth, and we’ll re-gift it.  Additionally, Greyt Bucks are used at Greyt Wheel of Fortune and Nail Trimming, too. Those bucks are greyt!

Greyt Wheel of Fortune – Every spin wins a prize. Only $1 a spin. Land on Beauty, Presto or Clyde. Spinning is fun! New this year: VITO – land on him and a really special prize can be yours.

Photo Contest – Enter your photo(s) on Friday for the photo contest, Judged by local photographers.  Posh Prizes.

Individual Memory Photo – pick up at Gang’s booth Saturday night.

As always, all proceeds benefit the hounds.

Silk Road Collars – Sue Ross
Silk Road Collars offers gorgeous, lined, sight hound collars, tag collars, leads, and many other items sure to please. Silk Road Collars donates generously to Greyhound Rescue. Their products are available to Greyhound groups, wholesale, for fundraising.

 Greyhound Topia – Sharon Higgins
Greyhound Topia is a Friend of Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption and GreySave Greyhound Adoptions and 100% of the purchase price supports these two greyhound adoption groups. Greyhound Topia is a non-profit fun raiser inspired to raise funds for these two great rescue groups, market awareness of greyhound adoption achieved by selling and wearing fine quality and affordable greyhound jewelry. When wearing the jewelry many conversations and questions about greyhounds result, not to mention the jewelry is fun and beautiful.

Northcoast  Greyhound Support – Cara Brockhoff
Northcoast Greyhounds celebrates our 25th anniversary in 2017.  We’ve been selling jewelry and gifts 19 of those years, and contributing 100% of our earnings to adoption groups. That’s over $500,000 to date!  I had thought that half a million dollars might seem an appropriate place to retire, but if I did, I’d have no excuse to shop for jewelry – and to keep in touch with so many greyhound friends!  So here I am again at Greyhound Gathering – Kanab, celebrating with you the thousands of retired racers who have found loving homes – and continuing the effort to help those who make it possible.

CartunaSteve Wirtz
From Steve: I am always seeking to create art that has a presence.  My laminated paper (papier mache’) works often explore humorous or absurd themes. What I love most about working in papier mache’ is the ability to construct dynamic, lightweight compositions.  Greyhounds and other sighthound breeds have been a favorite subject matter of mine for the past ten years.  I absolutely love their elegant sculptural characteristics and how that contrasts with their (often) goofy personalities.  I feel very honored to have been accepted into the greyhound community,  and to have so many fabulous people collect my art. I am thrilled to be finally making it out to Kanab.  It should be quite the road trip from my studio in eastern upper Michigan.  I am sure to find inspiration on that road.  See you in May! ” 

Birds Pottery – Robin Willoughby
From Robin: Birds Pottery grew out of pottery classes started in 1999.   We offer wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces, which are unique, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.  From concept to building, to glazing to firing, it’s all done in our studio in SC.  Robin’s assistant is Sydney…a 10# Chinese Crested dog whose job it is to keep any varmints away.  Sometimes the other five dogs come to visit, but it is usually too boring and uncomfortable for them. For over 13 years Robin and Laze have traveled the Midwest and East to greyhound events.  This is their Kanab debut with a small sampling of Birds Pottery. HoundMark – Laze’s photography on greeting cards is also available.