Regis – hanging out on his incontinence pad

As we all age, and we don’t exercise enough, or eat the right foods, ‘things’ start happening to our bodies. Incontinence can be one of those ‘things’.  I always look to natural options before drugs.

1. Herbal/Homeopathic/Holistic remedies
I’ve found Azmira’s Kidni Kare formula to be very helpful in strengthening the musculature of the pelvic organ area and helping with incontinence issues. There are other holistic formulas too which can help. There been some discussion of soy milk, evening primrose oil, corn silk and other natural methods. Dogaware has a fabulous article.  Natural Pet is another.

2. Nutrition
Getting your dog on the most natural, organic, non-processed foods can help. Eliminating kibble and giving raw or cooked food would be optimal. But the first thing you can do is eliminate all grains – including treats with grains – from the diet. Some believe adding soy milk to food will help.

3. Management
Use washable incontinence pads. I get mine on ebay. They are used from hospitals – 36″ x 36″  – and last a long time. They are best for absorption of urine, so it doesn’t stay on the dogs. Towels just don’t do that. Walmart sells pads for twin beds. They aren’t as thick as the ones from hospitals, but will work. Diapers can also work on females. Belly bands on males.

4. Moderate exercise daily.

5. Acupuncture