Irritable Bowel/IBS

An irritation of the digestive tract is Colitis. Colitis can be acute (happened fast, goes away quickly). Or chronic – diarrhea doesn’t go away, and hound starts to wither away from dehydration, lethargy, no desire for food etc.

The common denominator of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Colitis  is Diarrhea. And the Big D is no fun for you or for your hounds. A day or two is not something to worry about (as your hound probably just ate something he or she shouldn’t have, or too much of something  – does this sound familiar to you?). But if diarrhea persists longer than that, you need to help fix what caused the issue, not just give Flagyl.

Immediately, for an acute attack of diarrhea, fast for 24 – 48 hours. Do allow water. Then introduce a bland diet. I use chicken or ground meat. I do NOT give rice. Canned pumpkin is fine.

Depending on where the irritation/inflammation is occurring – large intestine, small intestine or stomach, can ascertain the severity of the issue. However, consistent diarrhea will cause a dog to go downhill fast. You don’t want to just treat the diarrhea, you want to treat the ROOT CAUSE.  I’ve found holistic treatments to help.

First, Food. Get rid of any grains, and feed raw if you can. Click on these highlighted words to learn more about diet and allergies and diarrhea.

Second, Supplements. Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes. Slippery Elm made into a gel will all help. Marshmellow Root and Licorice are other herbs which can help. Organic Coconut oil is fabulous for colitis. Consulting with a holistic vet is always a good idea.

Third, Stress. What’s causing your dog to stress? Arguments, Parties, Moves, Divorce, Children, Introduction of new pets – ascertain the problem and do what you can to minimize it. I don’t believe anti-anxiety medications are needed from your vet.  Try essential oils, behavior modification and common sense before resorting to a drug which could have even worse side effects in your hound.

Fourth, Worms. Whip worms in particular.

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