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Never Too Old for Love
Never Too Old for Love

Greyhound Gang from 1995 – 2003 found  homes for hundreds of hounds. Now we raise funds and educate  to help adoption groups on the front line of rescue work. Though some very special hounds do still appear in our lives, whom we care for and then find good homes. We recommend these groups in our local area, and we are happy to answer any questions, any time. Please read our Greyhound Guide as it will answer many of your questions. 435-644-2903. If you are interested in a greyhound and have room in your heart and home, contact:

If you live in Utah:
2nd Chance Greyhounds – John Burt – 801-571-2439
Utah Rescue & Adoption – Sheri Chandler – 801-737-4289

To adopt greyhounds in the Las Vegas & southern Utah area contact:
GPA – Las Vegas – Judy Currier – 702-392-5822 & Dana Provost 702-281-2538

If you need hound sitting in Las Vegas, Janice Ziola of  Hound Hacienda can help. She also has contacts for Italian Greyhound and Greyhound rescue. 702-565-8892

Surrounding States:

If you live in another state, please contact a group in your geographic area. Adopting locally is the right thing to do. You’ll have support and get to know other greyhound lovers in your area.
To find a local group, please go to our Adoption Group List or Greyhound Project’s Agency Directory, for a very complete, excellent world-wide list.


Greyhound puppy mixes. Time to get your fixes. The number is seven. On my, what heaven. But think twice or thrice, because puppies don’t always stay nice… But they sure are cute!  We helped get this group to Almost Home for Hounds, who then did all the medical work and brought them to adoption groups who found them homes. Puppy videos – click here.