Loved Hound

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Maggie May Mock-Jones

Black, White & Beautiful

Are those Kids gone??

Maggie came to us as a ‘bounce-back’ when her original adopter decided the children in the family were too rambunctious for Maggie.  Luckily for Maggie we live in a community with an older population so she rarely had to encounter those high pitched voices again.  But she would always let me know if there were children playing near us!

It’s interesting that with retired, racing greyhounds we know so much about their lineage and their racing careers but so little else.  I knew all about the racetracks Maggie had been at (five during her four years of racing), her win/loss record, her ancestry, but nothing about why she was so afraid of anything overhead.  Or what had caused her to have one toenail that grew straight up or another gone completely.  But that is also one of the many joys of adopting a greyhound. Life is full of discoveries as you get to know them and they you.


Oh Deer…

Spring in her Step

Maggie May arrived with a round bed from Costco (and we all love those) and several toys, and for the rest of her life she preferred round beds, including the snuggle ball craze all the greyhound adopters went through.    And I mentioned that Maggie was our own chicken little – afraid of anything overhead and always thinking the sky was falling.  Umbrellas were right out and we built our house without ceiling fans so no one could turn them on accidentally and send Maggie running for the hills.  But for all her little ‘quirks’ Maggie May was gentle and quiet and one of my most precious girls.  If Maggie snapped at one of the other greys you knew they deserved it!




Mud Facials Rock!

Where’s the Beach?

Maggie May was our very own pin up girl.  She was featured in a ‘how to enjoy retirement’ video as she did zoomies in a huge pile of sand then rested comfortably.  She graced the February CG calendar, showing off her digging skills and ‘mud facial’ and most recently the back of Grey2K calendar trying to hide from the raindrops.

Maggie May was our first black greyhound. And while we have gone on to adopt many more, she will always be my special Maggie May and I miss her little bowed legs, her sweet smile and all those costumes she pulled off with such chutzpah for the Greyhound Gathering parades!

Rest in Peace.