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Mr Bamboo – aka TalkTome – by Margie Dugan

Perfect Body

Perfect Face

Bamboo was perfect from the start.

I was at a Greyhounds Only reunion in Illinois and fell in love at first sight, and signed on to foster ‘with intent’. Buddha, my current boy, liked him too. I gave him the name Bamboo because I had just visited a bamboo forest and found it fascinating and zen and it just all felt right with my two boys. I even called them BamBuddha – as a unit – and they both answered to that.

His racing name was SOS Talktome, and I understood that name right away because from the moment he walked in the door, he was talking to me.  He had an illustrious career with 100 races and a 3rd place in 2007 Dubuque Iowa Breeders Cup,  before he found his forever home with me.



Boy & PJs


Boy and Toy

Bamboo earned the name ‘Mr’ Bamboo from me because of his gentlemanly ways. He never got into trouble. No counter surfing, no chewing, no barking, no accidents. He was a perfect gentleman from day one. One of his pleasures was to run circles in the yard, just joyful and happy.

Another one of his pleasures were our daily walks, which we took up until the day he had to leave me. With our move from Chicago to Scottsdale he got to walk every day for five years. On those walks, he greeted everyone on his walks with perfect aplomb and manners, as if they were all his friends. I know those walks extended his life.

I miss everything about my perfect Mr Bamboo.



Perfect Body

Boy & Outfit