Veterinarians are our life lines when our hounds are ill. Just like with us, we look to our doctors for answers.

Doctors are human, and each one has their own knowledge base. And that knowledge is good. I’ve found that by consulting with more than one vet for issues which are a bit more complex, I get more information and am in a better position to make a better decision for my loved hound. I would do that for me, so I would do no less for my hounds.

I’ve found over the years, that holistic vets have a different, and just as valid if not more so, view of healing.

Story – Short Version
Winslow had a history of peeing for long lengths of time. I consulted with three traditional vets. I got three different opinions. Nothing wrong with him, he has kidney disease and is dying, he has idiopathic cystitis. That idiopathic diagnosis came after a vet stay for one week, where they ruptured his bladder with a catheter, and gave me back my dog with cancer pills and a $4000 bill. I then found out about holistic vets. I called Dr. Kim Hennemen – whose office was 5.5 hours away. She listened,  sent some remedies, and his problem stopped. That cost $300. And started a wonderful friendship and growth of knowledge for me to help my hounds.

Another Story – Short Version
Adopter called me saying their vet wanted to amputate their greyhound’s toe for cancer but had not done a biopsy. This was a 3 year old dog. Toe cancer is not common. I paid for them to take him for another opinion. He had a foxtail imbedded in the toe.

Getting a second opinion (or third or fourth) is always a good option. I like opinions from holistic vet. American Holistic Vet Medical Association has a database of vets around the country.