Donations Given

Greyhound Gang helps wherever and whenever we can. In addition to rescuing and adopting greyhounds, we particularly like to help other adoption groups. We know how hard it is:

  • to transport the hounds
  • find foster homes or kennel space to house them
  • get all the medical and behavioral work done
  • do all the marketing to find them homes
  • do all the profiling to make sure the homes are good ones
  • do all the follow-up to insure hounds and humans are happy
  • raise all the money needed to do the above

To help, since 1999, Greyhound Gang and Get Up & Go has given money and in-kind donations. Those donations currently total over $600,000.

Items for FUNdraising

If you’re an adoption group, and you’re having a fundraiser, Greyhound Gang will send items for auctions and raffles. Just complete this form. We do ask, if possible, for a link from your site to Gang’s. We’ll also send postcards to put in your adoption packets throughout the year.

Glucosamine Sample

Greyhound Gang, near the time of the adoption, will send a free 30-day sample, valued at $20, to any adopter of a hound who is older or has a broken hock or toe. Complete this form to request the Glucosamine sample.

You can see our Financials here to learn what and to whom we’ve donated throughout the years.

Educational Talk & Demos

If you’re having an event, and you’d like a speaker, I may be available depending on where and when your event occurs.  I love to attend other greyhound events and meet greyhound lovers all over the country. I have never charged for a talk. My talks, which are in booklet form, have included:

–        When I Am Older
–        I Know This To Be True
–        Why Does My Hound do THAT??
–        Happy, Healthy Hounds
–        Food Glorious Food
–        You Can’t Have Just One
–        Happy to entertain other subjects

Web Site Information

–        Adoption Group Database
–        Greyhound Guide
–        Medical & Behavioral Articles
–        Links

About the Guide

We have a well written, succinct Greyhound Guide, if I do say so myself. I wrote it in 1999, and have only had to make minor changes throughout the years. You can link directly from your web site any time, anywhere. If you’d like to copy and print the entire Guide on your site (without the pictures), we’re happy to give permission, though we do like a copyright statement (with a link back to Gang’s site) with the Guide on your site. Greyhound Gang also offers Greyhound Guide in a cost-effective booklet (which groups can purchase for our cost and give to their new adopters) and for Kindle. Greyhound Guide has been even translated into other languages across the world. We’re very proud of it and very happy for all the adopters who have read it in their journey of loving hounds.

We’ve got articles chock full of greyt information on medical and behavioral issues. Throughout the years, Greyhound Gang has dealt with a lot of different issues as it relates the hounds. We’re collected information to help you in helping your hounds through their issues. Some articles take a holistic view of treatment, as Gang has found using holistic treatments (acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, herbal, aromatherapy, lasers, massage and more) to affect the best results with minimal side effects for the hounds. Do check out our list of articles.

We love to link, and have groups link to us. Just email me.