Chewing comes from boredom, being young, not getting enough exercise, OCD. Your greyhound needs a fenced area to run around in every day if possible. They are happy with just 15 minutes to do a few blasts and lots of sniffs. Of course, the younger the dog the more exercise they need. Walks on leash, more than once a day, are also very important, not just for exercise but for bonding with you too. Greyhounds love toys, so do have a toy box for them. Stuffed animals with squeakers are usually their favorite toy, but you can try a Kong with peanut butter in it too, particularly when you are leaving the house. Please use the most natural peanut butter you can find.

You can always muzzle your greyhound (your adoption group gave you a muzzle when you adopted your hound) when you leave to protect household items. Though again, exercising them BEFORE you leave the house is a really good habit to get into. When I had a new batch of hounds in my home, I would put material over the edges of tables and couches to help deter chewing (and peeing on the furniture in the initial days).