We love hearing your opinions, particularly if it helps the hounds. A few times a year we’ll ask for your opinion on the subjects below, and we’ll collate the information and have it available for all to learn from. Random emails will be pulled from opinions sent in each time, and a Gift Certificate from Greyhound Gang will be given to the lucky opinionators.


We heard about vacuums that ‘sucked’. Go here to read about the best suckers. Out of 20 opinions we received, Dyson got 14 votes for 70%. Dyson Animal – the vacuum for animal lovers. So I went and bought one through the largess of Greytalk and Dyson. Greyhound lovers get half off!

Brookhart & Faust, chosen randomly, each won $20 Gift Certificates to Greyhound Gang’s site for sending in their ‘sucky’ opinions.


Our hounds love a vacation as much as we do. It’s just that they have more ‘stuff’ than we do when packing. We heard about your most favorite vacation spot with your hounds. Greyhound Gathering – Kanab is an acceptable vacation! Frederick won a $20 Gang Gift Certificate for sending in her vacation opinion.


You waxed on about your cars.We got 38 opinions. Honda Element got 6 mentions, with SUVs getting 52% of the curveys. Dodge Caravan got 4 votes, and vans got 32 % of the surveys. I’ve owned an Isuzu Rodeo, Honda Odyssey Van, Honda Element, Honda Fit, Ford Escape Hybrid. All were excellent hound cars. In a random selection, Abissi and Dunlap won $20 Gift Certificates to Greyhound Gang’s site. Summary here.