Nick the greyhound & Sherman the beagle
My pups never miss a day of their Grizzly Salmon Oil. They love it! I think I have the shiniest Beagles (and Greyhound) on the island. Sherman, a laboratory Beagle, spent all his life in a cage at a major university. He’s slowly learning how to be a dog, play, and show affection. Nick is the baby. He crawls into my lap whenever I'm on the sofa with him.


Abby's limp progressed to where she put no weight on one leg. Vet diagnosed a back-leg partially torn ACL. Surgery or wait and see with limited activity were the two options.

We chose limited activity and used Get Up & Go Glucosamine and Yucca. Hard to keep a lab quiet, but with limited activity and the magical powders at 10 years young she walks without any sign of the injury.


Just wanted to let you know that the Get Up & Go has worked miracles for Maggie May - 10.5.  She was running on 3 legs even with the Rimadyl.

We started her on the 4-pack and she's not even limping these days.  No more drugs and no more 3 legged running.  Excellent product – I am starting on a similar regiment for me now.


Cane used to hobble, lick his paw joints, and was not very active.  Three weeks on "Get Up & Go" and he was whooping (what we call running and playing) around our house and has stopped licking his joints.  He gets up easier and can jump up and down without wincing. We have kept him on it for a couple years now, and can see a difference if he has to go off of it for some reason.
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How old would ya’ be if you didn’t know how old ya’ was? Sachel Paige said that.  Think about it, if you didn’t know your chronological age, then how old would ya’ be?

Do your greyhounds have any idea? No Way. They don’t let something like a number hamper the way they live their lives.

Can you imagine them thinking:

  • Whoa is me, I have a white face, what should I do?
  • I can’t run as fast as I used to, I think I’ll just lay around and gain weight.
  • Does my a** look fat?

They are just happy to be alive. Happy to love and be loved by you. But YOU can help them live longer and healthier by keeping their joints lubricated and strong.


Incredible Items

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Book – Dog Stays

On Sale! Empty Nest filled
by what else?..A Greyhound

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Populate your gut with
Billions of Good Bacteria

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Your Greyhound Family Choose from four designs, three sizes.

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Sadie has thyroid cancer and needs a ride from Colorado to Utah so she can live with us in luxury and love. Anyone coming this way from that way? ... See MoreSee Less

Sadie has thyroid cancer and needs a ride from Colorado to Utah so she can live with us in luxury and love. Anyone coming this way from that way?

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Jenya D. Campbell know anyone?

Try putting the info on Wings of Rescues or Pilots n Paws, maybe they could help.

I’m heading from SLC to southern Utah next friday

Pam Shane know anyone going to/from CO to SLC?

I have a friend end who’s flying from Denver to SLC if Sadie can get on a plane

If they can get her to me I can bring her to Utah. We are going to St. George for Thanksgiving

Where at in Utah?. I'm just curious

Now I wish I was coming home for thanksgiving!! I would’ve!! 😔😓😟

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Kozzie Hibner - 'leaf'ing her home because they made her dress like this. ... See MoreSee Less

Kozzie Hibner - leafing her home because they made her dress like this.

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Camouflage for greyhounds!!!!

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