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Jazzy – by Elena Young

You’ve Gotta Have Friends

The Look of Love

My Jazzy came into my life in a round-about way.

I knew her first adopters from Meet n Greets and I would dog sit their first greyhound when they went away.  When they lost her to bone cancer, they adopted Jazzy.  Jazzy was a wonderful dog, but was one of those dogs who did not like being left alone.  The parents both worked and they had young children involved in many activities, so Jazzy was alone a lot more than she liked.

One week, they asked me to dog sit her when they were going on vacation.  I had a few dogs of my own and Jazzy fit right in with them and had no separation anxiety.  They returned from vacation and all was OK for a little bit, but they called me and asked if I would be interested in adopting her since she was not happy again.  I really didn’t want or need another dog at that time and they decided to keep trying.

About Time You Said Yes!
About Time You Said Yes!

'Tis The Season...
‘Tis The Season…

The next time they reached out to me, because Jazzy still wasn’t happy, I agreed.  We arranged the transfer through her adoption group and Jazzy came to live with me and my pack.

She was a sweetheart, the kind of dog who loves giving kisses and cuddling up to you on the sofa.  We had lots of good years together and she helped me through the loss of some of my other dogs.


Yep - I Belong Here
Yep – I Belong Here

Eventually she was the only greyhound I had left along with another mixed breed dog, Mitzi.  I lost Mitzi towards the beginning of this year so Jazzy then became an only dog.  She was 12 years old now.  She had developed some kidney disease and seemed to have gone into a little depression so, just as any good dog parent would do, I went and adopted a new greyhound to lift her spirits.  Although it helped, the kidney disease ended up taking her life in August.  We love all our dogs and each one touches out hearts in their own ways.  I love you Jazzy girl and hope to see you again!  Take care of all your brothers and sisters who went before you!