I started my greyhound on glucosamine 60 days ago. He has some arthritis in is left high leg and foot, and is only 4 years old, and I could tell the pain was slowing him down. After 2 months, he is bounding up and down the back stairs and wrestling with the other dogs.


I just want you to know that the Queen of our household, my 10 year young retired Brood, Barbie Jade, is so much improved after the glucosamine. She runs up and down the stairs, chasing me, when I try to keep her on one floor, she refuses to listen.


Thank you so much Claudia! My two babies LOVE the Get Up and Go! My 9 year old is running around like she's a kid again! My 5 year old has a hock injury that is giving him a lot less pain now too. He puts more weight on that leg now than he ever has! I'm HOOKED!!!!


Dash has been using your glucosamine and chondroitin supplements since the Gathering, and he is doing wonderfully. He turned 10 today, and has been running and chasing the ball like he did years ago...You can certainly count on a strong endorsement from me.


I am so happy with your products.  I made my first purchase from you in Dewey and now my 12 year old is running in the backyard.  She is also full of energy all of the time.  I got her when she was 7 1/2, and I have never seen her enjoy life like she is now!
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A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On

Fearful dog

For some dogs, there can be a whole lot of shaking and drooling going on during holiday celebrations. Every dog is an individual, so each dog’s reaction can be different. From staying close to you, to pacing, whining, drooling, shaking, destruction, jumping at windows, hiding in a bathtub or closet and even biting — all these can happen when dogs are fearful — and fireworks and thunder can be a trigger. Help your pets deal with their anxieties and fears in natural ways and positive changes can occur.


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