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Donation - In Memory Photo Album

Donation - In Memory Photo Album
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We will never forget them, our loved hounds. They are always in our hearts.

If you'd like to have your loved hound's picture in the In Memory Photo Album, with a little bit about him or her, we'd be honored to honor your hound's memory with you. Just choose this 'item'.

Email me a picture of your hound. In Comments put what you'd like to say about them. Your loved hound, who will always be in your heart, will be memorialized on our site, and other hounds will be helped with the proceeds.

 You can also  honor hounds and their love with LOVED HOUND.  You can tell a longer story about your Loved Hound, and email 5 - 7 pictures. This Loved Hound feature will be up on our front page for the entire month.

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