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Booklet - Dr. Stack the Deck for Better Health

Booklet - Dr. Stack the Deck for Better Health
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Price: $4.00
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Dr. Suzanne Stack is the go-to greyhound vet for medical information. She's gracious and a wealth of knowledge, which she shares freely. This booklet contains her articles available on line in Greyhound Gang's LEARN/Medical section. They are also available at Greyt Health.
Contents include:
Adrenal, Anesthesia, Blood Work, Erhlicia, Hocks, Lumbra, Myths, Pain Meds, Pancreatitis, Pemphigus/SLO, Recovery, Thunder, Thyroid, Valley Fever, Wounds

Dr. Stack gave us permission to reproduce these articles. All proceeds will benefit greyhounds.  Normally $4.00

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You can purchase them as a set for $17.

Adoption Groups can order them at a significant discount. Contact Claudia for information.

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