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Glucosamine Refill

Glucosamine Refill
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Glucosamine HCL is a natural amino sugar derived from shellfish. It is one of the basic building blocks of cartilage. As we age, cartilage deteriorates. By supplementing diets with Glucosamine, you can help yourself, and your pets, maintain healthy cartilage longer. Glucosamine also aids in lubrication of joints. Think of it as an "oil change" for the body. It is truly the foundation of joint care.

Athletes have benefited from Glucosamine for a long time. Studies show that Glucosamine can ease the pain associated with joint inflammation. In some cases, Glucosamine can even repair cartilage. As competitors who push their bodies to the limit, athletes appreciate the restorative qualities of Glucosamine. Your pets are natural athletes who deserve active lives, which contain as they age. You can now afford to give them all the natural benefits of Glucosamine.

We offer Glucosamine in refill bags. You can order one bottle's worth (60 day supply for a large dog), or many bottles worth. Each refill is only $13.50.

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