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Chondroitin is a natural powder supplement for arthritic help and joint inflammation. This chondroitin is manufactured using fish cartilage (shark) vs bovine cartilage. Chondroitin is most often used with Glucosamine HCL. There is also anecdotal evidence for tumor reduction and allergies.

One half (1/2) of a teaspoon equals 1650 mg - which is the daily dose for a dog 50 lbs and over.

The drop down menu shows you the sizes it is available in:
Bottle - 60 day supply (or 10 Tablespoons) for a large dog. $39.95
Refill bag x 3 - 180 day supply for a large dog. No longer using jars, so price has been reduced. 30 Tablespoons.  $89.95
Refill Bag x 6 - 360 day supply. No longer using jars, price reduction.60 Tablespoons. $159.95

If you are a repeat customer and buying chondroitin separately (not in a combo), as a thank you, please apply the coupon ChonRocks to get 10% off of your Chondroitin purchase when you check out.

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